For Contractors: Let Your Photos Do The Talking!

If you've ever done any kind of renovation project, I'm sure there was a time when you stopped and thought to yourself: "if we only we had taken before and after pictures!" It takes a lot more work than people realize to create your final product. Isn't it time you showed your work off? Professional before and after shots can do exactly that. You strive to meet perfection - don't let cellphone photos cast any doubt in a potential client's mind. Capture their business when it matters most - at first impression. Click here to see examples of how this may be able to help your business.


Why Professional Real Estate Photography?

We've all heard it before...if you've been working in real estate for any length of time you know you should be using a professional photographer. You have a trusted home inspector, a trusted real estate attorney, a trusted loan officer, and even a trusted handy man on your team. But for some reason you keep telling yourself you can do the photography with your iPhone. Would you attempt to conduct the closing? The home inspection? Of course you wouldn't! Then why are you still taking your own photos? Click here to find out how much money you may be leaving on the table by "saving" on photography...

Breaking Ranks: Realtor turned Photographer

I'm not your average real estate photographer. Why? Because I know real estate. I've been a real estate agent, a landlord, and a flipper. I've worked with buyers and sellers alike, and I know what moves them, what it takes to get them in the door. And I know it all starts with professional photography. As an agent, how many times have you gotten that call from a buyer who has to see a house right now, but you know (because you are the professional) that one house they have to see is not what it appears to be online. Hesitantly, you agree to show it to them here to read more.